Avocado Rose Tutorial


Hey guys! I have had SO many requests asking how to make an avocado rose and I finally filmed a video for you all! It actually is surprisingly simple once you get the hang of it and it is such an effective way to give a dish some oomph. Be sure to follow the tips below and tag me in your photo if you make one after watching the video!



  • The better the avocado, the better the rose. Try and use a perfectly ripe avocado, one that is underripe or overripe will completely ruin your chances of nailing the avocado rose!
  • Use a room temperature avocado. The trick to shaping the rose is to have a soft and bendy avocado. Using one out of the fridge makes them a lot less flexible so let it warm to room temperature first. 
  • Use the sharpest knife you have, you need to be able to cut thin slices without your avocado breaking so sharpen that knife!
  • Use a smooth chopping board such as glass or marble, this makes it much easier to shape your rose and also to slide it off at the end.
  • Take it slow. This video is massively sped up so move your avocado slices slowly or it will fall apart!
  • Have the dish you are serving it with ready to go. The rose can fall apart if left for too long.