Sunday Share: 5 Baking Recipes


Hello and happy Sunday lovelies! I decided to start a new little series over here as I am always stumbling on amazing recipes from fellow bloggers so I thought it would be nice to share a few of my favourite ones with you all every once in a while. I think sharing each other's content is such a nice way of spreading inspiration and supporting each other. So to kick it off I am going to start with 5 baking recipes for any of you looking to do some Sunday baking!


Vegan Berry Cheesecake by Lizzy Rose Nutrition


I mean, just look at the colours of this cheesecake!!! Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, it is also vegan and is packed with berries and healthy fats thanks to the cashews she uses - so sneaky! Perfect for pudding after a Sunday roast.


Lemon Drizzle Simnel Slices by Nutritiously Alice


These bad boys have been on my to-make list for a few weeks now because they sound absolutely delicious! Lemon drizzle is just a winning combo in my opinion and these slices look perfect for afternoon tea. 


Chickpea & Peanut Butter Blondies by Healthy Snaccident


Not only do I love the name of Courts' blog, I love her unique recipes! The chickpeas in these blondies add a little protein and fibre hit and you can't go wrong with peanut butter really.


No-Bake Strawberry Almond Energy Balls by Cozy Peach Kitchen


Energy balls are so great for prepping on a Sunday as a snack for the week ahead and these look delish! I love the strawberry idea Cassidy has used here and they are so simple to make.


Spiced Apple Cake by Taste and See Blog


I am a big fan of anything apple and cinnamon and this cake looks so perfect! Kirstin was inspired by an apple tart she tried in Amsterdam and I think she nailed this recipe. I love the chunks of apple and pistachio in there.