Self-Care Made Simple


#selfcaresunday has become a real trend over the past year, and for good reason! More and more of us are realising that caring for ourselves and ensuring our own mental health should be our number one priority. Over work, over friends, over social commitments, over family, everything. You cannot succeed in other areas of your life if you are not succeeding at caring for yourself in the best way possible. This isn't to say that you should be utterly selfish, just that little daily acts of self-care are essential to keep yourself sane and happy. Not only will these little habits brighten your life and your outlook, they likely will then radiate to those other areas of your life too. The bottom line is, you deserve it, we all do! I am currently on holiday in Greece and I am taking this time to truly relax and look after myself, because I have had A LOT going on recently and I was feeling very run-down and exhausted.


How to practice self-care?

This isn't going to be an article detailing a 10 step routine on how to look after yourself, because there is no set plan that will work for everyone. Self-care boils down to just doing little things that make you happy or relieve stress and these will be completely different for everyone because we all love different things in life. Instead, I am going to share a few things that I personally do and then a few ideas and questions to get you thinking about how you can improve your own self-care.


My self-care habits

Stretching to Relieve Stress

I have always loved to stretch - as an ex-gymanst, ex-cheerleader and avid fan of pilates and yoga, I find that stretching is one of the best ways to relax me when I am feeling stressed. Whether that be in the middle of my dining room or heading out to a proper class, making time for a good stretch a few times a week really helps me out. 

Buying and Tending to Plants

Grandma alert over here I know but I have discovered that I am obsessed with house plants. I love buying them and I love being surrounded by them. I have several in every room and they make me happy on a daily basis. 

Switching Off

I have no routine with this, but every now and then I simply stop looking at my phone, specifically instagram for a good while. Instagram and being active on social media can be truly draining, so if I am feeling stressed, I simply switch off for a while.

Cheeky Chocolate

Pretty much every night, unless I am REALLY full. I have a few squares of chocolate, purely because I love it and it is a little relaxing treat to finish off the day.

Pamper Night

Every Sunday night, I have a bath, put a face mask on and read my book for 30 minutes. I follow this up with fresh pyjamas and an early night to start the week refreshed. 

A Good Glass of Wine

Enough said!!!

Playing Sims

This is the nerd admission of the century, but yes, at age 23 I still love to play Sims. I have played it since the good old days of Sims 1 through to the Current Sims 4. Sometimes, just building a random fantasy house is what you need in your life okay.


Ideas to Take Away

Now that I have shared some of my weird and wonderful habits with you all, I want you to start thinking about how you can work on yourself care. Let's start with some questions:

When do you feel most relaxed? Why does this make you feel relaxed? Do you prefer being with people or being alone? What do you do to calm down if something stresses you out? When you have an entire day to yourself, what do you do? Do you have any habits that you really miss if you can't do them?

Think about these activities and behaviours and then start to think how you can turn them in to habits that you can adopt on a regular basis and have in your kit to pull out when you need them. The most important point is that you make time for these things, it doesn't need to be much, many of these activities don't require a big time commitment! Some ideas:

self-care made simple.png