Going Non-Toxic


Hello and happy Sunday everyone! I am aware that this is technically a food and nutrition blog currently, but I really want to start incorporating more lifestyle content as nutrition and wellness really does extend well beyond food, so many factors can influence our health, including what products we use. This is why I have made the decision to switch to green, non-toxic products in all aspects of my life.

The Backstory

While I did already lean towards slightly “greener” products, things like method cleaning products, I did not realise the extent of the sh*t ingredients that are in SO many common products. Makeup, toiletries, cleaning products, feminine products, you name it, you can find a nasty chemical in it. Now I am not a big hater of chemicals just because they have long names, as a scientist, I am aware that many chemicals are used for a reason and are rigorously tested to be safe for us to use. However, skincare products and makeup are not very well regulated and are full of a lot of slightly scary ingredients. I came across the EWG database through some “green” beauty bloggers, it is a website where you can look up pretty much any common product and it will highlight the good and bad ingredients with the research to back it up. Searching things like my Dove body wash, which I thought was gentle, gave me a big shock. There are lots of chemicals in products that have been associated with a range of scary side effects such as cancer, reproductive dysfunction and hormonal dysfunction and I think that is horrendous! Now again, as a scientist, we have to remember that association is not causation - meaning that it is not a definite that this ingredient will cause cancer and that is probably a very extreme association. Personally, I would rather be safe than be sorry and as a nutritionist I pay so much attention to what I eat that it only makes sense to pay attention to the products I use too. Everything we apply to our skin sinks in to our bloodstream too, so surely loading our bloodstream up with loads of chemicals daily can’t be good for us. Add that to the fact that many companies also test on animals and use lots of packaging that is not eco-friendly and I couldn’t really not make the switch!

What I am Doing

Although I was tempted, I didn’t immediately go out and buy a new, green version of every product I own as that would be very expensive and very wasteful! Instead, as I am using up an old product, I am looking for a new, cleaner alternative to try. So slowly over the last few months I have been swapping more and more of my routine to cleaner products. There are some things that are further down on my list of figuring out, but mainly I have been focusing on my skincare and makeup. I have found so many amazing products and I have already noticed a difference in my skin! I previously thought my skin was very sensitive but it turns out that it was just my old products which are full of fragrance and harsh chemicals, were just irritating to my skin - not sure why I didn’t figure that one out sooner! These products by Evolve Beauty are some of my absolute favourites at the moment. I have switched most of my facial skincare and my haircare to their products and they are absolutely amazing! They are made in the UK in Hertfordshire, by a lovely small company with quality, natural ingredients and they actually work. While making these swaps, finding products that actually worked and did the job was definitely the most important thing to me. I wasn’t prepared to give up on makeup that makes your skin look lovely or shampoo that actually cleans your hair and leaves it feeling soft! So far, I have tried their Superfood Shine shampoo and conditioner, Daily Detox facial wash, Lip Treat lip balm, Daily Renew moisturiser and their Miracle Mask. They have all become staples in my routine, they smell amazing, do amazing things, have great ingredients and are all at a great price point - highly recommend!


I can’t wait to share more content around this switch with you all, once I have actually figured out all of my favourite products, I will do posts on makeup, skincare, body care, cleaning etc to share what I have switched to. I also will do a full post focusing on some of the main ingredients that I wanted to eliminate so that I can actually give you some solid information! I truly believe that beauty and wellness starts on the inside so I am excited to take better care of my body with some cleaner products. I urge you to go and look up one of your favourite products in the database, you may find it pretty eye-opening.

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