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As someone who has been there with the yellow kitchen light photos, I know how intimidating photography can seem! When I upgraded to my first DSLR camera from my smartphone I was so overwhelmed, the extent of my knowledge ended at knowing I needed some nice light. There is SO much information out there about photography but not that much of it relates to food photography and let me tell you, food photography is a whole different ballgame! After slowly teaching myself and improving over the last year I decided to write an eBook to help other budding food photographers learn in an easy, concise way. This eBook is designed specifically for beginners and breaks down all the different aspects of photography in a simple way that is specific to food photography. It covers everything from gear to lighting, styling, editing and more. It even contains information specific for smartphone photographers, to help you take professional looking photos with your phone. Each chapter has an activity at the end to help you consolidate the information and put it in to practice.

  • 60 pages

  • 8 chapters

  • 6 activities

  • Diagrams

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