The phrase “all the gear and no idea” truly applies to food photography. Buying the most expensive gear will NOT make you an amazing photographer, learning how to manipulate light and understand styling and your camera settings is much more important. To learn some of these key principles, check out my guide: Food Photography for Beginners. However, if you are in the market for gear, there are certainly some important things to look out for. Here are all of my curated favourites that I use regularly.


key gear


sony a7iii

I recently upgraded to this camera from my trusty but old Nikon D90 and I adore it. It is a full frame, mirrorless camera with 4k video that produces amazing results. I bought mine with the kit lens which is actually a great all-rounder lens!


Sony 50mm f/1.8

The 50mm “nifty fifty” is every food blogger’s favourite for a reason: it is just perfect for most shots and is affordable too. If you have a cropped sensor camera, look for a 35mm to get the same results.


Tokina 100mm Macro

This was my favourite lens that I used on my old Nikon and while I would love to splash out on a Sony macro for my new camera, I am not quite there yet! I use this with this Nikon to Sony adaptor and it is fab.


Tycka 65” tripod

A tripod is essential for food photography and I love this one that I picked up on Amazon. It is tall enough for overhead shots and comes with a ball head that allows you to get every angle.


Lateral Boom Arm

This is not essential unless you would like to do overhead shots and videos but is a great piece of kit. It allows you to face your camera straight down over your food and is nice and stable.


Sandisk extreme pro 128 GB

This is an essential for every photographer: a quality memory card with plenty of space. You can get away with smaller if you are only doing photos, but if you are doing videos, I would recommend a 128 GB.


USB Extension cable

Tethered shooting with your laptop is the best way to make sure everything looks good in your shot. Most cameras will come with a cable, but it is often very short so I like these USB extension cables.


Diffuser Fabric

This is great for dealing with bright, direct sunlight as you can just hang it over your window and it diffuses the light perfectly. I just clip mine on to my curtain pole with hair claw clips!

1 tb hard drive

Once you start accumulating a lot of photos, it can clog up your computer quite quickly. A hard drive is a great place to keep all of your photos safe and sound.


Liberty Print Camera Strap

I found this camera strap on Etsy and I love it! She makes them with all sorts of Liberty fabrics and they are a great way to personalise your camera - they are very comfy too.


K&F concept camera bag

Camera bags are essential if you plan to take your camera anywhere (or even for storage in your house). I love this bag because it is completely waterproof, isn’t too big but has space for everything I need. Plus it looks cute!



This is what I use to edit my photos. It is affordable and gives you cloud storage to store all of your photos and projects in!




Photo Boards

Photo Boards are my favourite backdrops hands-down. They are lightweight, a great size and are wipe-clean which is essential for food photography! Here are a few of my favourite designs, but they are all so gorgeous. I recommend the 60cm size for food photography. My favourite thing to do is to use one as the “floor”of my photo and another as the “wall” - it means you can have a gorgeous setup even if you don’t have an Instagram-friendly kitchen! Follow this link to get 10% off your first order. Pictured: versailles, winter and clay.



Napkins are one of my favourite props to use as they really make photos look soft and homely. I love linen napkins in soft colours and stripes, but you really can go for any colour or style that you like. My favourites are this Beige Linen and Striped Linen from H&M and this Fringe Powder Blue Linen from Oh Curio (the fabulous styling brand launched by Photo Boards).

Other Props

I have SO many different props, it would take me forever to share all of them so instead I will share my favourite places to shop for props. Get creative! I love little bowls, rustic plates, woven placemats, cutlery, unique glasses, antiques, wooden serving boards, cake stands and anything marble!

Zara Home

H&M Home

House UK




Oh Curio

Scandinavian Design Centre


Charity Shops

Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links. This does not cost you anything I promise! It just gives me a little bit of commission if you decide to purchase any of these items which helps me fund my blog.