My philosophy


I believe that nutrition and wellness does not have to be complicated. Our relationship with food should not be a daily struggle filled with stress, guilt and complicated rules; it should be one of delight, enjoyment and excitement. My philosophy revolves around the intuitive eating concept - that we can be healthy at any size and that the focus should be on a happy relationship with food and not on your weight. Your body knows what you need so learning to listen to it and nourish it is of utmost importance and does not have to be filled with dull, tasteless food. Eating what you love is one of the greatest joys in life, and I aim to bring back that joy while educating you and supporting you along the way. 



Heal your relationship with food and yourself. Nurturing this often damaged connection and allowing yourself to find peace is key to starting a healthy, happy life. I will help you discover and work through your barriers to create lifestyle goals and solutions that are right for you.



Learn to listen to your body and understand its nutritional and emotional needs. Discover what your body actually wants and not what a diet is telling you to want. I will teach you to listen intuitively to your body, to respect it and to make guilt-free decisions that will leave you happy and excited about food.



Feed your soul and nourish yourself with delicious, real food. No rules, no restrictions - just balance and intuition. Eat what you love and love how you feel. I will help guide you back in to a positive relationship with food where there is no calorie counting or meal plans. Just tips, recipes and advice.